We, a group of European space weather actors, believe that now is the right time to frame the Space Weather and Space Climate discipline in Europe for the coming years. The series of reasons for this have been formulated in an article that has been submitted the JSWSC (this can be found here). Based on this reflexion, we open a discussion on the organisation and sustainability of the European Space Weather community and its assets in the (near) future. More specifically, we identify that the European Space Weather community lacks a uniting organisation to help the community to sustain and further develop the successful efforts made thus far. Our aim is to question our practices and organisation in front of several changes that have occurred in the recent years and to set the ground to make coordinated answers to these questions being posed in Europe, and to discuss them.

In this meeting, we aim at summarizing our findings, at making propositions to the European Space Weather community at large (scientists, engineers, forecasters, users, educators ...) for a future organization. A Q&A chat will be open during the presentations. This Kick Off meeting will be followed by a discussion involving the European actors of space weather lasting two months, in order to take concrete actions in the near future.

If you would like to get involved with the next steps, please refer to the information on slides 37-42, inclusive, of the presentation that was given

Key dates

Registration deadline:

12 March 2021 (12:00 UT)